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Harlan is an artist and illustrator working here in lovely Portland, OR. He has been involved in high end printmaking for many years and it has left him with an overly discerning eye. After having been deeply involved with the zine and DIY scene in Portland, it became apparent that many people are not getting their art reproduced at the level of quality that it deserves. Upon further investigation it was apparent that any archival fine art printing done in the area was being run with massive overhead and expensive business models.
This website is Harlan actively changing that. My prices usually range between $4 to a rare $15(with exceptions for larger pieces) depending on the size and kind of print.

What Can You Print?
I print everything from black and white to full color prints from 4x6" to 21x60"
These are high quality archival pigment prints made from your digital files on a variety of archival fine art papers. This means that you can get high resolution true-to-color reproductions for your portfolio at an affordable rate, by choosing the right paper. Or you can go all out and get a nice heavy weight textured cotton rag paper for your archival artwork to hang in a gallery. I've printed everything from limited edition postcards to one of a kind large gallery pieces. You can print anything from photography to paintings or pencil drawings on glossy or matte paper. But that's not all! Printing is an interestingly flexible beast and I've done work on canvas as well as weirder things like wood veneer. If you have an idea, let's talk!

Good Things to Keep in Mind
Scan your artwork in at at least 400 dpi, the higher the better as these are high resolution prints.
If printing a photograph be prepared to accept the limitations of your camera, upscaling photos to get larger prints only works so far.
This is a fine art printer I'm using, so it probably isn't the best solution for your fliers or free hand outs. These are prints you and your audience are going to greatly value.

Local Patrons
I prefer to work with locals for two reasons. The first is that I can meet with them to grasp a better idea of what they need. The second is that I deliver for free! That's right, if you live in the Portland Metro area I'll deliver your prints to your door(or work, or favorite coffee shop) via bicycle. This is great for artists selling their work on Etsy because they can order prints as they sell online and ship them in a timely manner!

Please email me at: harlanATharlanmakesprintsDOTcom or fill out the form below to start the process or get more information!

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